Base line

Solid as a rock.

The Base line series was the first to be introduced back in 2009. With this product line we had immediate success. The reason for this success had to do with its simple construction, which made the units user-friendly and extremely easy to maintain.

Over time the units has been improved and today they are the most reliable and easy maintainable units in the industry.

Base line


As with the generation NEXT, our Base line has no separate start/stop and no handle to switch on/off air. All functions are operated by just one handle, which makes the units extremely simple to operate.

Easy to maintain

The construction of the unit makes maintenance easy and hassle-free. All parts can be removed with standard tools.


The Base line series is based upon well-known and well-tested principals, meaning that the realiabilty of the units are at a superior level.

FunctionalitySU 0125

The Base line series is available in 3 different versions:
1: Normal version for rinse and foam application only.
2: D-version, where you are able to rinse, foam and to do spray disinfection.
3: FD-version, where – instead of spray disinfection – you can do foam disinfection.

For the normal version you have only 1 outlet, but when you go for version D or FD, this will have a seperate outlet.

The illustrated model is a D-version.

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