Generation NEXT

We are bringing low pressure cleaning systems to the next level.

The name NEXT signifies more than just this being our next generation of high quality cleaning systems. It signifies what the next step within cleaning in the food and beverage industries will be.
The evergrowing demand for reliable cleaning systems has challenged our engineering team to the max. The systems have therefore been designed and constructed with unfailing attention on reliability. More interesting is that, even though the systems have superior reliability, we have managed to create something new, something unseen, something with a little extra.

Generation NEXT

NEXT – setting new standards

NEXT is the latest generation in our high quality product range. The technology features a block, which contains 3 injectors, enabling 3 chemicals in one and same block. Since the 3 chemicals will not get in contact with each other inside the block, NEXT can handle 3 different chemicals without having to rinse through the injector before changing over to another chemical.
The chemical flexibility will reach new standards with NEXT. Imagine an environment where you need one type of chemical but with two different concentrations and disinfection on the third injector. NEXT makes this possible.

Generation NEXT is the most versatile and easy-to-operate system in the market.


What makes NEXT unique?

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1 change-over handle for all functions

NEXT have no separate start/stop and no handle to switch on/off air. All functions are operated by just one handle, which makes the units extremely simple to operate.

1 inlet, 3 chemicals, 1 outlet

With just one outlet the cleaning personnel do not have to change the hose from one outlet to another when changing chemical – it saves time…

Great chemical flexibility

The block technology with 3 injectors enables great chemical flexibility in terms of number of chemicals, type of chemicals and concentrations. Cleaning processes can be tailor-made for your cleaning tasks.

Easy to upgrade

If your cleaning requirements have changed over the years, you can easily upgrade your NEXT system from 2 to 3 chemicals. The upgrade takes only a few minutes and is very easy to carry out.

No direct contact with electrical components

Since all our electrical components are inside the unit (main stations only), we have no external control box for start/stop. This means that the cleaning personnel cannot get in contact with any
electrical components, which improves the security of use.


The advantages with NEXT are vast. If generation NEXT has aroused your interest, please feel free to contact us for more detailed marketing material.

Our generation NEXT technology is registered as a utility model in Germany. The registration of the NEXT technology as a utility model – in German called Gebrauchsmuster – is under Gebrauchmuster Nummer 20 2012 104 215.0

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