Main stations

Main stations are designed for independent use or for use as a booster unit to provide pressurized water for FOAMICO satellites.

We carry a wide range of main stations and have a unit for every purpose - ranging from 6 to 45 bar. Largest model available can supply water for up to 6 simultaneous users at 23 bar.

All main stations come in a stainless steel cabinet.

Main stations


Our main stations are made of the best components and materials with high quality industrial sensors, high quality stainless steel, and high quality sealing materials.

All main stations – except the 6 bar-model – are equipped with the best energy-optimized motor technology available from Grundfos – Grundfos blueflux®.


As on the boosters, all our main stations are fitted with a number of security features as standard. Furthermore, they are fitted with energy optimizing sensors and all of our main stations starts and stops by a flow switch – even the smallest units.


Our main stations are available as either FOAMICO FO1 concept, generation NEXT or Base line.


Main station side by side

Generation NEXT main station

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