FOAMICO offers a full range of high quality low pressure cleaning equipment for surface cleaning and open plant cleaning in the food and beverage industries. This allows you to easily choose a cleaning solution with exactly the pressure, flow, foam and disinfectant needed to optimize your cleaning tasks.
With one of the largest product programs in the industry, FOAMICO can provide a solution for every purpose.

At FOAMICO superior reliability is an integrated feature of all our equipment. With unfailing attention on reliability, FOAMICO engineers have designed a product program of innovative and long-lasting equipment. The equipment provides dependability and is extremely easy to operate and maintain.

The inside story…

Pump technologyblue_flux_cmyk

In cooperation with Grundfos, we have customized pumps and software for maximum performance and ultimate efficiency. The Grundfos blueflux® label on our equipment guarantees that the pump is equipped with the best energy-optimized motor technology available from Grundfos. Every aspect of a Grundfos blueflux® motor has been specially designed to reduce energy consumption by up to 60%, meaning an immediate CO2 reduction and lower operation costs. Learn more about Grundfos blueflux here.

Compressor technology

Do you want to foam 8 hours every day? No problem! FOAMICO uses industrial oil free compressors for higher duty. The compressors operate with a remarkable low noise level and with high efficiency – incomparably the best in the market.

Components and materials

FOAMICO equipment is made of the best components and materials with high quality industrial sensors, high quality stainless steel, and high quality sealing materials. All boosters and main stations are installed with the newest motor and frequency drive technology – Grundfos blueflux®.


All enclosures are made to last in the food industry and are all fully made of stainless steel.


FOAMICO equipment has dry run- and high water temperature protection as standard.

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